Automobiles make life much easier for most people. In many areas, a vehicle is required for commuting to work and fulfilling local errands, such as grocery shopping, taking kids to school, and going to doctor appointments. While many people pay attention to their car's transmission and engine, it is not uncommon for people to not pay attention to the brake system. If you own an automobile, pay attention to the possible signs of an issue with your car's brake system:

Strange Sounds

Automobile brake systems are designed to come to a stop with very little noise. If you hear squealing or grinding sounds, it usually means that the brake pads are at the end of their life and need to be replaced. It is in your best interest to never ignore strange sounds while applying the brakes in your vehicle-- you are much better off making repairs instead of having to spend more to replace multiple parts of the brake system.

Leaking Brake Fluid

If your car begins leaking brake fluid, it needs immediate attention. Vehicle brake lines are designed to last a long time, but when one begins leaking brake fluid, it can put you in a lot of danger while driving the car since the brakes will not operate properly. In most cases, you can pump the brakes while the car is in park, and if liquid drips from the undercarriage, it usually means that your brake lines need replacement or repair.


A car in good repair should always drive smoothly. If your brake pads are in need of replacement, it is not uncommon for your car to show signs of vibration while you are braking. If you do notice vibration while braking, your vehicle needs immediate service. Ignoring the problem can lead to both the brake pads and the rotors in your vehicle needing to be replaced. You are much better off financially just having the brake pads changed according the the schedule in your vehicle's owner's manual.

Illuminated Brake Light

If you ignore the common signs of a brake system problem and continue driving, the brake light will eventually illuminate on your car's dashboard. At that point, you should discontinue driving the vehicle, as it is not safe. When the brake light is illuminated, the best thing you can do is immediately take you car to an auto shop for the necessary repairs. Click here to continue reading more.