Amateur racing is a blast for the right person, particularly those who spend a lot of time racing in competitions. Those who plan on pursuing regular amateur events should consider getting a high-quality wheel gun for their pit crew. It can help boost their speed immensely.

Professionals Use Wheel Guns To Improve Racing Time

A wheel gun is the tool that professional racers have in their pit. It is designed to quickly remove the lug nuts on the wheel so that it can be replaced as fast as possible. These guns help improve an amateur's racing time by allowing them to change out wheels when necessary and to avoid serious problems if their tire ends up going flat.

In most amateur racing settings, these types of guns are allowed as long as the driver has invested in them with their own money. But what other kinds of benefits does a pit stop wheel gun offer to an amateur driver and why should they invest their hard-earned money?

Benefits Of A Wheel Gun

Beyond simply allowing a racer to change their wheel more quickly, wheel guns provide a variety of other benefits. For example, they can help improve fuel efficiency by allowing them to replace worn out tires with newer and more racing-specific models. Beyond that, they also help a driver get back into the race if the tire is damaged. So what kind of cost value can the average racer expect from their wheel gun?

The Costs Of These Guns Vary

The costs of a high-quality wheel gun will vary depending on the model and the socket used in the tool. The thing that may frustrate some amateur users is that the average gun will cost about $4,500. The socket to work with each wheel will cost another $1,500. As a result, it may cost upward of $6,000 or more to invest in a single wheel gun.

However, it can be worth it if the wheel gun helps a racer win some major purses when racing. Even amateur racers can earn several thousands of dollars for competing in and winning a race. If the wheel gun gives them an advantage and they win a $10,000 purse, it has already paid for itself. This is especially true if they expand their wheel gun use or even rent it out when they are not racing.

It should be obvious by now that a high-quality wheel gun, such as paoli wheel guns, is a major benefit for the average amateur racer. While they can be a bit pricey in some instances, they are nevertheless a great way to improve performance and increase the chance of winning a race.