Even though many homesteaders take an old-fashioned route and avoid the farm equipment, there are just as many that do invest in at least a small tractor to complete their usual property chores. A tractor is such a versatile piece of machinery because there is no end to the number of different attachments you can find to pair it with that are designed to help you achieve certain things in an easier way. While you could build quite the collection of tractor parts and accessories, as a homesteader, there are a few basic ones that you must have. 

Plow - The basic plow could be one of the most useful pieces of tractor equipment and is probably one of the most commonly used even today. Your plow allows you to break ground in the spring to grow your crops without spending hours using a handheld tiller or days turning the ground by hand. Your plow also makes it possible to maintain crops and keep weed growth down. When growing season is over for the year, a plow also makes it a lot easier on you to return the ground to its previous state. 

Loader - If your tractor is modern enough, you can actually get a front-end loader attachment that functions just like the larger piece of standalone equipment by giving you a maneuverable scoop on the front of your tractor. Even though having a scoop bucket on your tractor may sound like a bit of an unnecessary thing, your homestead will greatly benefit from having this one piece of equipment. With a loader attachment for your tractor, you can:

  • level the ground in crop areas
  • create water holding areas for your well
  • maneuver feed for your livestock
  • spread gravel or other aggregate as needed

Mowing Deck - If you really want to get the biggest bang for your homesteading dollars, investing in a good mowing deck for your tractor will prevent you from also having to invest in a lawn mower. A mowing deck, sometimes also called a finishing deck, mows grass and weeds just as good as any regular mower, but also has blades strong enough to go right through thicker growth on your property, such as briar patches and dense weeds on undeveloped parts of your land. This will be especially useful if your homestead consists of a lot of land that you want to keep maintained.