At some point, everyone has had a junk car. Whether it was the very first car you had, or something just to get you from A to B, everyone has had one. But just because we call them junk, doesn't mean they don't have any value when it's time to get rid of them. If you find yourself wondering how to sell your junk car, here are some tactics you need to explore. 

Scrap yards

If time is of the essence, this will be the route for you. There are often posters around and leaflets through doors to let you know someone will pay you $50 and take away a scrap car. Sometimes they even leave scrap cars at the edge of roads with the message painted on the side. This can be the quickest and easiest way to make money from your junk car. Call a few before agreeing on a price as sometimes you can get more from a different yard. They will then come to pay and collect. Easy! 

Local art groups

Sometimes artists look for old or broken items to use in art projects. It's not a guaranteed way to sell junk cars, but it would be a fun way to sell it for good use in a community.

Selling for parts

It will probably take a little longer than a scrap yard dealer, but a way to make more money from selling junk cars is to sell the whole thing to someone for parts. It's important to be honest in your ad as the potential buyer will want to know what's wrong with the car. They may be looking for parts to use in their own car and will want to understand the faults so they know whether your parts will be any use to them. You can take out a listing in any car magazine or website to sell the car in one piece. 

Sell the parts

The way to make the most from selling junk cars is to take them apart and sell them piece by piece. This will be the most time consuming but the most lucrative way to make money on junk cars. You'd need to separate out what is good and what is not. Anything that is faulty you can sell for scrap metal. Anything that works can be sold for cash to anyone. Any large parts leftover you could still approach the art groups and see if they would like them.